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The Evolution of Law in Data Governance and Management

MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe, London, United Kingdom 19-21 May, 2014 The law on data protection throughout the European Union is set to be radically overhauled by the implementation of the proposed new Data Protection Regulation. The regulation is set to introduce numerous obligations that Data Governance Managers need to be aware of. This […]

Bank destruction to Bank reform an International Perspective

Sana Khan was a speaker at the Commercial law Conference- The Financial Crisis: 5 years on, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland in  October 2013.On 13 October 2013, a conference on the theme of “The Financial Crisis Five Years On: A Critical Reflection” was held in Griffith College Dublin. The aim of this conference was to analyse […]

European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive

Sana Khan was a speaker on the ACAMS Webinar: European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive. The recording of this webinar can be found here: http://www.acams.org/webinar-eu-fourth-money-laundering-directive/ The EU Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive expands the Third Directive by broadening AML oversight to include new areas such as external threats to domestic markets, while introducing more stringent rules […]

360 Degree Review: 2016 Activities and Forecasts for 2017—AML Initiatives in Europe

Sana Khan joined ACAMS chapter members from across Europe who discussed AML regulatory developments in their jurisdictions during 2016 and what can be expected in 2017. Learning Objectives Obtaining a consolidated understanding of the overall European landscape of 2016 related to AML initiatives Providing a Europe-wide perspective of anticipated changes to national AML regulations and […]

Extract From The Chronicles of Anda

Chapter 1: Gatestown, England                     Eyes, yellow eyes watched him from the forest’s edge. Wildan felt the hair on the back of his neck raise as he gripped his desk tighter. They didn’t just disappear. Wildan was pretty sure even though they were so far away, the […]

Extract From The Diary of Farah Khan

Chapter 1-My Dream Shattered Wednesday, 1 May 1946 * * * “I really don’t get it, why do we support the British Empire, Rani! Almost 200 years of imposed rule, how can we condone that?!” I cried. We were sitting in the veranda, or the front yard as the English would call it, with the […]

Historical Background to The Diary of Farah Khan

Preface Background to the British Raj The British Raj (raj meaning “rule” in Hindi) and its aftermath has had huge repercussions for the development of South East Asia and modern they politics. During the time of the British Raj there was no country called Pakistan, no Bangladesh and no dispute regarding the territory of Kashmir […]