Bank destruction to Bank reform an International Perspective

Sana Khan was a speaker at the Commercial law Conference- The Financial Crisis: 5 years on, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland in  October 2013.On 13 October 2013, a conference on the theme of “The Financial Crisis Five Years On: A Critical Reflection” was held in Griffith College Dublin. The aim of this conference was to analyse the changed legal landscape in Ireland in the wake of the financial crisis, which was taken to have commenced at the time of the bank guarantee of 30 September 2008.
Published today, the special edition of the Irish Business Law Review, edited by Dr Claire Hogan and Dr Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, contains updated versions of a selection of the papers delivered at that conference. It includes a Foreword by Mr Justice Frank Clarke of the Supreme Court of Ireland and an Introduction by Brian Hayes MEP. Articles include:

Section 1: Corporate and Financial Governance Issues Emerging From the Bust
Consumer Protection in Financial Services: Evaluating the Impact of the Financial Crisis by Mary Donnelly
International Bank Reform: A Welcome Consequence of the Financial Crisis by Sana Khan

Section 2: Personal Insolvency
Judicial Treatment of Defences Pleaded in Personal Guarantee Proceedings by Claire Hogan
The Personal Insolvency Act 2012: An Evaluation of Reform in Response to the Financial Crisis by Patricia T Rickard-Clarke

Section 3: Corporate Insolvency – Examinership, Receivership, Liquidation
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Law Applicable to the Enforcement of Corporate Security by William Johnston
The Financial Crisis Five Years On: A Critical Reflection on Examinerships in the Downturn by Gavin Simons
Creaking at the Seams? Insolvency Practice in the Superior Courts by Rossa Fanning

Copies can be ordered directly from Clarus Press

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