European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive

Sana Khan was a speaker on the ACAMS Webinar: European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive. The recording of this webinar can be found here:

The EU Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive expands the Third Directive by broadening AML oversight to include new areas such as external threats to domestic markets, while introducing more stringent rules regarding ultimate beneficial ownership. That in turn will require intensifying compliance efforts in areas like correspondent banking and asset management. In this webinar, expert panelists detail smart strategies for incorporating the Fourth Directive initiatives into existing compliance functions.

Learning Objectives

  • Adjusting risk assessments to include cross-border threats to domestic markets
  • Adapting CDD models and record-keeping to meet enhanced beneficial ownership requirements
  • Ensuring compliance models meet the expanded definition and responsibilities of PEP oversight

Who Should Attend

  • Risk Assessment Officers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Investigation Specialists


  • Europe
  • Bank
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