Data Protection and the Fourth AML Directive from a practical and legal perspective

14-15th February 2018, Helinski Finland

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International conference “Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and Performance”

International conference “Global Financial Market and Corporate Governance: Issues of Efficiency and Performance”

Nuremberg, September 25, 2014


Global financial market became an outrageous battlefield between various companies. Under pressure of the competition, in their seek for higher efficiency, market control and competitive strengths yesterday’s inveterate enemies merge, weaker ones become victims of hostile takeovers. Those who are independent enough – permanently enhance their governance and risk management systems. Regulators on their side wish to increase market stability and efficiency through new reforms and stricter rules of the “game”. In such conditions it is vital for the companies, rulemakers and other engaged players to choose right strategy on the way to their aims. How corporate governance can influence performance and efficiency of the companies. What issue regulators should address to impact financial market activity more effectively? What are the main enemies of financial performance and efficiency? The conference is going to gather experts in the field of economics and finance to discuss these and other important issues of financial markets operation. It will provide the platform for academics and practitioners to analyze current challenges for the financial market and outline possible scenarios of its development.

My paper was titled: Ireland and its approach to Governance of the Financial Services Market
Sana Khan, Barrister-at-law, Law Library, Four Courts, Ireland

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The Evolution of Law in Data Governance and Management

MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe, London, United Kingdom 19-21 May, 2014

The law on data protection throughout the European Union is set to be radically overhauled by the implementation of the proposed new Data Protection Regulation. The regulation is set to introduce numerous obligations that Data Governance Managers need to be aware of.

This presentation will identify some of the key developments and seek to present the most appropriate strategies in preparation for the overhaul of the regulatory environment in which Data Governance Managers operate.

The requirement of a Data Protection Officer will be discussed. What will be the requirements of such an office holder?  We will point out and identify the several areas where liability could arise.

The proposed regulation will also need to be considered when drafting policies on data security standards. Whilst breach notifications are becoming legally required, we will analyse the specific requirements in such circumstances. We will detail the security governance standards that should exist throughout the organisation in order to meet effective compliance with the law.

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The Need to Modernise Quangos in Ireland

Mastering Law: Cross-Border Reflections-All Ireland Law Masters Conference, (Faculty of Law, Queens University, Belfast), Northern Ireland, May 2011


Bank destruction to Bank reform an International Perspective

Sana Khan was a speaker at the Commercial law Conference- The Financial Crisis: 5 years on, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland in  October 2013.On 13 October 2013, a conference on the theme of “The Financial Crisis Five Years On: A Critical Reflection” was held in Griffith College Dublin. The aim of this conference was to analyse the changed legal landscape in Ireland in the wake of the financial crisis, which was taken to have commenced at the time of the bank guarantee of 30 September 2008.
Published today, the special edition of the Irish Business Law Review, edited by Dr Claire Hogan and Dr Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, contains updated versions of a selection of the papers delivered at that conference. It includes a Foreword by Mr Justice Frank Clarke of the Supreme Court of Ireland and an Introduction by Brian Hayes MEP. Articles include:

Section 1: Corporate and Financial Governance Issues Emerging From the Bust
Consumer Protection in Financial Services: Evaluating the Impact of the Financial Crisis by Mary Donnelly
International Bank Reform: A Welcome Consequence of the Financial Crisis by Sana Khan

Section 2: Personal Insolvency
Judicial Treatment of Defences Pleaded in Personal Guarantee Proceedings by Claire Hogan
The Personal Insolvency Act 2012: An Evaluation of Reform in Response to the Financial Crisis by Patricia T Rickard-Clarke

Section 3: Corporate Insolvency – Examinership, Receivership, Liquidation
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Law Applicable to the Enforcement of Corporate Security by William Johnston
The Financial Crisis Five Years On: A Critical Reflection on Examinerships in the Downturn by Gavin Simons
Creaking at the Seams? Insolvency Practice in the Superior Courts by Rossa Fanning

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European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive

Sana Khan was a speaker on the ACAMS Webinar: European Focus: Meeting the Demands of the Fourth Directive. The recording of this webinar can be found here:

The EU Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive expands the Third Directive by broadening AML oversight to include new areas such as external threats to domestic markets, while introducing more stringent rules regarding ultimate beneficial ownership. That in turn will require intensifying compliance efforts in areas like correspondent banking and asset management. In this webinar, expert panelists detail smart strategies for incorporating the Fourth Directive initiatives into existing compliance functions.

Learning Objectives

  • Adjusting risk assessments to include cross-border threats to domestic markets
  • Adapting CDD models and record-keeping to meet enhanced beneficial ownership requirements
  • Ensuring compliance models meet the expanded definition and responsibilities of PEP oversight

Who Should Attend

  • Risk Assessment Officers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Investigation Specialists


  • Europe
  • Bank

360 Degree Review: 2016 Activities and Forecasts for 2017—AML Initiatives in Europe

Sana Khan joined ACAMS chapter members from across Europe who discussed AML regulatory developments in their jurisdictions during 2016 and what can be expected in 2017.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtaining a consolidated understanding of the overall European landscape of 2016 related to AML initiatives
  • Providing a Europe-wide perspective of anticipated changes to national AML regulations and requirements in compliance with the 4AMLD in 2017 and beyond
  • Establishing strategies to deal with incorporate legislative and regulatory changes into financial institutions’ anti-financial crime compliance programs

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Officers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Law Enforcement
  • Industry consultants
  • Regulatory Representatives


  • Europe
  • Banks
  • MSB/ Fintechs
  • Securities
  • Insurance
  • Trust and Corporate Service Providers