The Evolution of Law in Data Governance and Management

MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe, London, United Kingdom 19-21 May, 2014

The law on data protection throughout the European Union is set to be radically overhauled by the implementation of the proposed new Data Protection Regulation. The regulation is set to introduce numerous obligations that Data Governance Managers need to be aware of.

This presentation will identify some of the key developments and seek to present the most appropriate strategies in preparation for the overhaul of the regulatory environment in which Data Governance Managers operate.

The requirement of a Data Protection Officer will be discussed. What will be the requirements of such an office holder?  We will point out and identify the several areas where liability could arise.

The proposed regulation will also need to be considered when drafting policies on data security standards. Whilst breach notifications are becoming legally required, we will analyse the specific requirements in such circumstances. We will detail the security governance standards that should exist throughout the organisation in order to meet effective compliance with the law.

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